Places of Interest

Yogini Shakti Peeth :-

Situated near Lakhanpahari village at the distance of 2 Kms from Pathergama, has got religions diminance. According to the old story, legend lord Shiva, carrying the charred body of Sati , started Tandava Nirtya and wherever the part of the limb of Sati fell temple of Shakti came up in due course. In the process the thigh of Sati Uma is to have fallen here. Symbolic stone impression is being worshipped with great devotion. Tuesday and Saturday are considered the auspicious day when thousands of devotees come from far off. The shrine has an aura of divine sublimity which tends to give peace of mind and repose faith in the devotees.

Basantrai :-

This place is at the distance of 12 Kms from the headquarter of Pathergama Block which was inhabited by Raja Basant Rai . There existed a big tank in 50 acres of land . According to legend, no one has ever been able to cross the tank from one end to another whether by swimming or an elephant or in a boat. If any one ventured to do so he would find enciected his feet and dragged himself down to the watery grave . It is also believed that the tank was being invited on the occasion of marriages or any kind of social ceremonies and people asking for utensils required for the occasion could get miraculously from the water of the tank. Purpose being served these materials were bound to be returned to the tank failing which they had to face calamity or misfortune . This belief is still relied up-on and it is held sacred for Hindus and a big MELA (fair) is held on its bank for 15 days beginning from Chaita Sankranti festival i.e. 14th April.

Sundar Dam :-

Sundar dam is the biggest irrigatoinal project in this district cunstructed on Sundar river near Rajabhitha village north-east of Pathargama and this is a beautiful picnic spot for the tourist. The dam having 75 Ft. depth was constructed between 1970-78.

Mullers Tank :-

This tank constructed by Fredrick Max Muller is situated in the district headquarter.