Disaster Management

District Disaster Management Plan (DDMP) is an operational module for the District Administration on effective mitigation of different types of disasters with locally available resources and personnel and to provide distressed people with immediate relief. It should also ensure immediate response from the existing administrative structure.
Necessity of the Plan : There is a paradigm shift in Disaster Management approach from the earlier focus of response and relief to prevention and preparedness. It is certainly possible to reduce the impact of Disasters by evolving appropriate preparedness, mitigation and response plans. Earlier, any disaster management was considered.

AS A CRISES : management function that began with a disaster and closed soon after the relief and rehabilitation. It is now realized that process of mitigation should incorporate long term preventive and protective measures by adopting appropriate strategies for disaster prone areas.

The mainstreaming of Disaster Risk Reduction(DRR) features into development planning of sectoral departments is one of the key areas identified and incorporated inthe plan. The GOI UNDP DRR Programme envisages a holistic and integrated approach.

  1. To integrate disaster risk reduction into sustainable development policies and planning.
  2. To develop and strengthen institutional mechanisms and capacities to build resilience to Hazards.
  3. To systematically incorporate all international, regional, national and local disaster risk Reduction.strategies and approaches into the implementation of emergency preparedness, Response and recovery.
  4. To achieve a comprehensive, all hazard, all agencies approach by achieving the right balance of prevention, preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery.
  5. Prepare communities to ensure that they are fully equipped to anticipate and respond to Disaster events.